Campus BioBlitz 2013





                                                     William Kuhn provides the first summary:

Yesterday, Wednesday, September 18, 2013, the Federated Department of Biological Sciences at Rutgers-Newark and NJIT held a second annual bioblitz.  The aim of a bioblitz is to catalogue all species in a designated area over a designated amount of time.  Here, we made a list of all species that we observed on the Rutgers-Newark and NJIT campuses over a one-day period. We were helped by many undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff, particularly with collecting insects and searching for new species of plants. We kept a tally of new species on a white board as we found them and made a “Wall of Plants”, where samples of different plants species were displayed on a corkboard, for all to see. Overall, we found 24 bird species, 70 plant species, 1 fungus,  4 mammal species, 37 insect taxa (families and species), 1 family of arachnids, 1 mollusk, and 1 crustacean for a total of 139 taxa (species or groups), including several species that were not found during last year’s bioblitz. Most species were found in the (wild) planters on the Samuel Norman Plaza at Rutgers, which is full of native vegetation. 


By conducting this bioblitz, we hoped to showcase the great biodiversity found, even in a highly urbanized area, to increase awareness of some of the ecological projects that are currently taking place on the Rutgers-Newark and NJIT campuses, and to foster interest in studies of the nature that’s found in our own backyards. We found that the limited natural spaces on campus house a surprising diversity of life. The campus benefits from this diversity and these natural spaces through research, recreation and aesthetic beauty.  We plan to continue this tradition for years to come!


Kim educates Chair Bonder


Writing on the wall









Carolina Wren




Mostly hidden by plant diversity (photo Kimbely Plank)



mammal #4 (not really wild though)



Get those bugs up there!





 Dominic instructs  


Keen interest


... and we need our own T-Shirt!






holding a Common Yellowthroat



Black-and-white Warbler











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