Experiments and projects investigating clonal integration


Clonal diversity and resistance to invasion in remnant salt marsh patches dominated by Spartina patens

Cooperator: Francisco Artigas, Edward Kirby - MERI project

Student Investigator: open



Nervous strawberries: investigating the possibility of electro-physiological signaling and root cooperation in a clonal plant. 

Cooperator: Jorge Golowasch?

Student Investigator: John Francois



Game theory:  Interactions of cooperating and competing clone mates in strawberries.

Investigators: Jack Chapman, Melanie Kaeser, Dennis Solis



Root interaction in integrated and isolated clonal plants. Rhizotron experiments with Fragaria chiloensis and other species.

Student Investigator: George Kontopoulos



Resource exchange among clone mates in Phragmites: The light harvesting theory

Cooperator: Erik Hamerlynck

Student Investigator: Jane Zagajeski, M.Sc. track



Nutrient uptake and drought: are clonally integrated plants able to perform vertical redistribution of water and nutrient?

Student Investigator: Ting-Min Wu


Root cooperation in a clonal plant: the possible role of chemical signals

Student Investigator: Hetal Patel




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