Experiments and projects investigating non-natives


Creation of miniature grasslands as means of Integrated Pest Management on “green streets” in NYC (Brooklyn): Pilot study to determine feasibility and impact on planted shrubs.

Cooperator: Robert McLean, NY Parks and Recreation

Student Investigator: open



Root exudates – biochemistry and ecology of phenolic oxidase in native and invasive grasses

Cooperator: David Kafkewitz, MERI project

Student Investigator: Gregg Burdulis, M.Sc. Track



Clonal diversity and resistance to invasion in remnant salt marsh patches dominated by Spartina patens

Cooperator: Francisco Artigas, Edward Kirby - MERI project

Student Investigator: open



The 1st amendment to the 3rd rule of assembly: community evolution: Implication for community development and invasive species.

Cooperator: Peter Morin

Student Investigator: Mark June-Wells, Ph.D track



Novel communities in an urban wildland: static and dynamic borders between stands of sympatric and allopatric plants

Cooperator: Frank Gallagher/Liberty SP, Amitabha Bose

Student Investigator: Mark June-Wells, Greg Burdulis



Root interaction of sympatric and allopatric species pairs – Root box experiments

Student Investigator: Bill Scharf, lab rotation



Allelopathy and resource availability: a test with Centaurea

Cooperator: David Kafkewitz

Student Investigator: John Bernstein, M.Sc. track



Purple Loosestrife: genetics and plasticity of native European and non-native American populations. A common (roof) garden experiment

Cooperator: Kirk Moloney et al.

Investigator: Jack Chapman



Resource exchange among clone mates in Phragmites: The light harvesting theory

Cooperator: Erik Hamerlynck

Student Investigator: Jane Zagajeski, M.Sc. track



Induced defense in Lythrum salicaria: the effects of managed herbivory on performance of an invasive species

Student Investigator: Vincent Koczurik, M.Sc. track



Inter-species behavior and learning of native, wintering White-throated Sparrows and non-native, resident House Sparrows

Student Investigator: Gricel Mello, undergraduate student



Antagonistic space and food use of a native and a non-native “Sparrow”

Student Investigator: Jessica Schnell



Community dynamics in sheltered shrub canopies and exposed intershrub sites in the Mojave

Hadas Parag



Long-term population dynamics of native and invasive annual species in the Mojave Desert.  Description and modeling of annual-shrub interaction



Effects of annuals on two dominant shrub species in contrasting years (Lucerne Valley/Sheep Pass)



Invasion and climate change: BSF proposal (Nov 2006)

Cooperator: Marcelo Sternberg




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