Jane Zagajeski

M.Sc. 2006

Resource exchange among clone mates in Phragmites: The light harvesting theory.

Gregg Burdulis

M.Sc. 2008


John Bernstein

M.Sc. 2007

Before allelopathy: exploring the positive primitive roles of Centaurea nigra root exudate in nutrient acquisition

Melanie Kaeser

original Lab Manager and soccer coach (much missed as well)


Vincent Koczurik

M.Sc.  2007

Chemical defense in Lythrum salicaria: do total phenolics vary by origin and can they be affected by herbivory?

Bill Scharf


Root interaction of sympatric and allopatric species pairs Root box experiments.

Jack A. Chapman

Research Assistant & much missed lab manager 2006-2007

Charles Hofer

M Sc.. 2009

Effects of pollution on birds in an urban wildland: attractive nuisance or urban oasis?  

  Hetal Patel

M.Sc. 2009

Root cooperation in strawberries: the role of  chemical signals


Ting Min Wu

M.Sc. 2012

Clonal diversity in Spartina patens in remnant patches in the New Jersey Meadowlands

Mark June-Wells

Ph.D. 2010

Niche Divergence: Scale and Community Effects. Implication for community development and invasive species

Ildiko Pechmann

Postdoctoral Researcher

Linda Rohleder
Ph.D. 2013
The Vertical Dimension of Deer Browse Effects on Forest Understories
Jennifer Schafer

Postdoctoral Researcher

John Francois
Ph.D. 2014
Hormesis: fitness effects, mixtures, and comparisons across species and toxicants
Carolyn Haines
Research Field Technician
Kimberly Plank
Ph.D. 2015
The ecological role of the root enzyme polyphenol oxidase in the invasive plant genus Bromus
Marjolein Schat
Postdoctoral Researcher
Megan Litwhiler
Ph.D. 2015
Attraction and risk in urban bird habitats
Anthony Brusa
Ph.D. 2016
Reproduction and population genetics of invasvie plants: the role of environmental variation
Sahil Wadhwa Litwhiler
Ph.D. 2017
Community and population characteristics of soil arthropods along a metal gradient  in urban brownfields

Nickolas Henshue

Ph.D. 2017

Efects of earthworms on post-industrial

polluted soil remediation



Malaclemys terrapin



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