Hadas Parag



Sneak of our ESA 2007 poster on

Annual and Shrubs in the Mojave Deserts!


one comment:

"I looked at your poster and I understand that you are working
to answer questions that can only be answered if somebody gives a lot
of time and attention and figures out how to collect useful data on
something that most of us walk right past or never even get close
enough to see - but it effects a large part of the planet.  I've also
got to say that "stochasticity" is definitely what we call a
"5-dollar word" - when somebody uses a word like that, they don't
have to ever say "Back off, I'm a scientist."  It's implied."


Don Higgins Aug 2007




A beautiful yet dangerous hobby: collecting dinosaur eggs in the NJ Meadowlands - aka Giant Puffballs (Calvatia gigantea)


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