September 2016


Claus Holzapfel 

Claus Holzapfel


Hadas Parag


Research Associate


Anthony Cullen

Ph.D. candidate



Allyson Salisbury

Postdoctoral Researcher

Kathleen Farley

Ph.D. candidate

Julian Rondon

Ph.D. candidate

Lin Xiang

Ph.D. student

 Julia Perzley

Ph.D. candidate





Work Study Students Collaborators Frank Gallagher

Erik Hamerlynck

David Kafkewitz

Edward Kirby

Kirk Moloney

Jochen Schenck

Marcelo Sternberg

Katja Tielbrger

Yangjian Zhang

Friends Undergraduate Researchers
Honorary Lab Members

(past and present)


High School Interns
    Visiting Scientists Prof. Rdiger Prasse  

      Spring 2007

 Dr. Liliana Meneses

      Summer 2008





September 2013



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